Frequently Asked Questions - Roof Replacement FAQ

FAQs - Roof Replacement FAQ
In a hailstorm, most hail that hits your roof and house may be too small to cause any damage. However, a percentage of the hail may be large enough to cause some damage. While it is possible for the damaged area to not start leaking for some time afterwards. Even a slow leak can be disastrous if it remains unattended. Your best advice is to have your roof inspected by a qualified roofing contractor to perform a close inspection for any damaged areas or sections of your roof. Tropicana Roofing will repair all damaged areas during your roof replacement.
Weather happens every day and on most days of the year, it will not be traumatic. These are the days when we are less likely to be concerned about the roof that is protecting our homes and our families. Most people have no idea if the roof on their homes are in good shape or not, some people don't even know the age of their existing roof. Tropicana Roofing offers a complimentary roof inspection and if you don't know the answers to these questions, you could likely benefit from our completely free roof inspections.
Yes, our roof inspection is completely complimentary. We offer this service because it's in your best interest to know beforehand, if you should file a claim with your insurance company. We aren't saying that you can't go ahead and file a claim without knowing if it's worthwhile or not, it does however, make good sense to have some confidence when making the insurance claim.
Like most any repair job, it is always prudent to get more than one estimate before moving forward. However, when filing an insurance claim, you are not actually paying the entire amount; you are only financially responsible for the policy deductible. In most cases, your insurance provider will determine the cost of replacement and present you with an estimate. Upon acceptance, and payment of the deductible, you will be presented the first of two checks, The second payment is contingent upon the roofing contractor providing a proof of completion documentation which you will then sign and return to your insurance provider. You choose the contractor and with which you are the most comfortable and whom you feel will perform the best job.
We can submit a “supplement for repairs” this documentation in the form of pictures, measurements, etc. to your insurance provider. The insurance company will review the supplement and upon approval, send a check for the additional monies needed to make the necessary repairs.
In most cases, your insurance agent will meet with a qualified roof inspector of their choosing and we are happy to be there during that process. We will be able to corroborate our findings and discuss any discrepancies helping to create a successful insurance claim.
Some examples of shingles with cosmetic or aesthetic discrepancies. Cosmetic discrepancies are not considered as damage and likley will not be covered under an insurance claim. Discoloration of shingles caused by trees Roofs where different shingle colors have been used regardless of when they were added. Painted shingles; do not effect service of shingle. Scuffed shingles Minor heat cracking Minor blistering
There are several different ways in which roofing shingles can be damaged: The following list of roof damage is not conclusive or exhaustive, contact a qualified roof inspector to examine your roof for any damage. Excessive Loss of Granules Scarred/Damaged Shingles Major Heat Cracking Curled Shingles Hail Damage on Composition Shingles Missing Shingles Lack of Vents Cracked/Broken Down Sealant Improper Flashing or Missing Flashing Old Age Hip and Ridge Face Nailed Brittle Shingles Tree Damage Manufacturer Defect
Yes, the actual home owner is the only person/entity that can legally contract for compensation of sustained damages on the residence. We are only able to discuss the roof replacement process with the homeowner. As a renter, your best option is to contact the owner directly and discuss any concerns about the house.

While the insurance claim agent will work with the homeowner, any insurance payments will likely be payable to the homeowner and the mortgage holder. The homeowner is responsible for obtaining endorsement from the mortgage holder prior to making the check payable to Tropicana Roofing. The first insurance payment and deductible are due before the work begins. Following completion of your roof replacement and proof of work is supplied to your insurance provider, a final check will be processed and after being endorsed by the homeowner, turned over to Tropicana Roofing.